Critter Sitters, LLC 

 "Pets are Members of Our Family, too!" 

"I was very satisfied with this human. All my meals were on time and I got a lot of head scratches." ~~Chevy, Oak Ridge, NJ
"I like this two-legs almost as much as my mommy." ~~Guyliner, Oak Ridge, NJ

"We have been trusting our 4-legged kids to Critter Sitters for more than 15 years. Judy has become a member of our family caring for our cats and dogs and at times our "Rescue Ranger." When it came time to put our Sadie down, Judy came with us and stayed with us through Sadie's final walk. Judy assisted with us adopting our current dogs, and what a pair they are! Judy walks them on a daily basis and they love her as much as they love us! When our dogs spend their vacation at Critter Sitters they come home exhausted and happy!!! Judy will always be part of our family." ~~Sandy J.

"Judy from Critter Sitters is not our pet sitter, she's part of our family. She was with us from day one with our first puppy...walking and playing with him while we were at work, boarding him at her house when we went away. We're pretty sure the dog liked her more than us! She was also with us as he got older, then sick and needed extra care. She's now starting all over again with us as we recently welcomed our new puppy home. We couldn't do it without Judy and Critter Sitters...and wouldn't want to!" ~~Jacquelyn C.

"Judy is the best. She has been caring for our cat Twister for at least 7 years when we are out of town. She is reliable, honest, dependable...and Twister loves her!" ~~Debbie G.